HTC Legend Throw Test : Screen Didn't Break! Highly Durable!

So apparently, HTC Legend isn't just one of the most gorgeous handsets ever made -- it's also one of the most durable.

htc legend screen

If the flinch-and-cringe-inducing drop test (, which really is a throw test - if you notice) video below were to be taken as reference, then it's safe to say that THIS won't happen to your HTC Legend in case you accidentally drop it:

htc legend screen

Here you go (and needless to say, don't try this on your phone) --

Now, I own an HTC Legend and if somebody does that to my phone, you best believe I'd drop them on the ground as well!

HTC Legend's design prevents the glass from taking a lot of stress. There's actually a gap between the screen and the aluminum 'lip' that lines it - so when the phone hits something solid, the screen hardly takes a beating. Also the 'foor' or that curved part at the bottom of the phone prevents the handset from falling flat on its glass, therefore all stress from a fall goes straight to the body.

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  1. bought a HTC legend this summer, the inner screen (display) broke on me while the phone sat in my back poket as I bend over to tie my shoe laces.
    cost me $150 to get the screen fixed.
    the it BROKE again yesterday just sitting in my pocket....


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