Toshiba Regza 20GL1 and 12GL1 : 3D TV with No Glasses

Frankly, I don't believe these two will ever see launch in the Philippines. But since they're indicative that great things are to come for 3D TV technology, I'm featuring them here nonetheless --

toshiba regza 3d tv

Toshiba Regza 20GL1 and its smaller sibling 12GL1 allow users to enjoy 3D without those cumbersome glasses. Cell-powered 20GL1, which appears to have this curiously large stand, packs a 20" LED-backlit display with 1,280 x 720 resolution, features HDMI ports alongside one for USB, and supports LAN and Toshiba's Regza Link technology for single-remote usage. Non-Cell powered 12" 12GL1, on the other hand, likewise has an LED-backlit panel with 466 x 350 resolution, HDMI and USB ports and is compatible with both LAN and Regza Link.

Both 3D TV's will be out in Japan come December this year. Prepare to shell out roughly $2,900 for the 20GL1 and $1,450 for the 12GL1 if you're hell-bent on owning one.

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