New Macbook Air 2010 : Official Specs, Price, Press Release, Promo Video

The latest iteration to Apple's ultra-slim, ultra-light Macbook Air line has just been announced at today's Back to the Mac event in Cupertino.

new macbook air

UPDATE: Watch the Official Promotional Video of New Macbook Air 2010 --

new macbook air

new macbook air

Aside from the decrease in thickness, the most notable hardware improvement that can be seen on the New 13-inch Macbook Air (vs. the old Air) is its aluminum unibody enclosure. This type of casing is similar to that of the most recent Macbook Pro notebooks.

new macbook air

Specs-wise, the new Macbook Air comes with a 13" 1440 x 900 LED Backlit display, a Core 2 Duo CPU, NVIDIA GeForce 320m graphics chip, multitouch trackpad and FaceTime camera. Battery life is 7 hours and 30 days standby.

But here's what every Apple fan has been waiting for --

The new 13-inch Macbook Air actually has a smaller sibling!

Check out the new 11-inch Macbook Air;

new macbook air

11-inch Macbook Air is incredibly thin at only 0.11-inches at its thinnest point and 0.68-inches at its thickest (Actually, this also the depth of the 13-inch model). It's also unbelievably light, weighing only 2.3 pounds.

new macbook air

As for technical specifications, it's largely similar to its big brother. This bad boy dons an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 pixels LED backlit display, Core 2 Duo processor, similar NVIDIA graphics card, FaceTime camera and multitouch trackpad. It should give around 5 hours of battery life, and 30 days standby.

Price? Check out the schedule --

new macbook air

That's $999 for 11-inch 64GB, $1199 for 11-inch 128GB, $1299 for 13-inch 128GB, $1599 for 13-inch 256GB.

Here are the Offical Press Photos of the New Macbook Air --

new macbook air

new macbook air

To wrap this up, kindly read the Official Macbook Air 2010 Press Release --

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