Kendra S. from Katipunan Q.C. DM'd TP this query via Twitter just this afternoon,
"TP, what's iDate? My friends say it's the newest way to meet people online. What's it all about? Is it any cool? Where can I play it? Thanks!"

Hi Kendra! Thanks for the inquiry!

iDate is GameClub's hottest online interactive dating game, infusing casual dating experience with music, dance and competition.

How to play it?

Basically, you start by making a profile then building your reputation on the dance floor. After a while, you can start mingling with other players and gain friends who will help you boost your relationship and love meter. The eventual goal is to meet your match.

Watch this video to get an idea of how the game works:

How to install the game?

Step 1 : Once you’ve downloaded the client via iDate Official Website (Download Link), click on setup to begin installation. The iDate Online Setup Wizard will appear. Click on “Next” to begin setup.

Step 2 : Click on “I Agree” if you agree with the terms and conditions of GameClub.

Step 3 : The setup wizard will install the GameClub Launcher as well as the iDate Online game client. Click on “Next” to continue.

Step 4 : Click on “Next” to install iDate Online under Program File\Gameclub Launcher. Click on “Install” to continue

Step 5 : iDate Online will now begin installing the files.

Step 6 : Once done, the wizard will show a window informing you that the setup is complete.

Step 7 : Click on the iDate Online icon on your desktop to launch the game.

Minimum System Requirements for Running iDate:

Minimum Requirements
Recommended Requirements
Pentium Ⅳ 1.4 Ghz
Pentium IV 2.5 Ghz or higher
Ram Memory
Graphic Memory
Hard Disk
3.0 G (Over)
3.0 G (or higher)
DirectX Ver.
DirectX 9.0c (Over)
DirectX 9.0c (or higher)

Game modes (courtesy of GameClub):

iDate has 3 game modes --

The Normal mode heats up the competition as the players battle each other on the dance floor. Eye and hand coordination is all that is needed to be on top!

Meet new friends and show off your coolest dance moves in the Hunting mode by searching for your ideal partner. Complete the couple dance missions and earn random rewards.

Groove with your date and take your relationship to a higher level! Don’t let your partner down, earn random rewards by completing the couple dance missions.

Levels of Relationship

Approximating what we experience real life, you can have 5 different of levels of relationship with other iDate players. These are the following:

1. Acquaintances
2. Buddies
3. Friends
4. Beyond Friends
5. Lovers

There you go, Kendra! I hope you find this helpful and that it convinced you to download the game client. :)

Really, it's a good game. And considering how much we love meeting new people, it's no wonder a lot of Filipinos have grown quite fond of it.

[All iDate information, including game screen-grabs, presented on the post are courtesy of GameClub and iDate]

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