Last night, BlizzHackrei of TipidPC (source) plugged in a 2GB CD-R King USB flash drive to his PC and got a "USB Not Recognized" notification.

After a few failed attempts to make the thing work, he decided to crack open the disk to see what's wrong. Expecting to see the usual USB chipset, BlizzHackrei got dazed with what he saw inside:

Yes! A board with a microSD card reader!

Apparently, what he's got is NOT a USB flash drive but a USB-powered microSD card reader.

BlizzHackrei recounts the story in Tag-Lish:

[Dapat sa] FLASHDRIVES eh puro chipsets lang ang makikita mo sa board which stands for the Memory Capacity of the flashdrive.

pero itong CDRKING Brand na Flashdrive ko (not actually mine kasi binigay lang saken) wala akong chipset na nakita.. kundi...

Board with microSD Slot with 2Gb microSD mmc inserted!

BOOM ako dun.. sabi ko baket ganito ito? then binuksan ko yung Kingston Flashdrive ko na 4gb to compare the components at puro chipsets lang ang nakita ko sa Kingston 4gb Flashdrive ko.

pero yung 2gb microSD na nakalagay dun sa flashdrive na CDRKING ko gumagana pa sa mga CP kaya hindi WASTED yung Memory nung flashdrive, only the reader itself lang.

nagkaroon pa ko ng 2gb microSD ng wala sa oras na pwede ko gamitin sa CP kaso generic lang ito for sure. hehehehe!

O, at least he found some use for the microSD card.

In the spirit of fair-blogging (if ever there's such a thing), I've gotten in touch with CDR-King support via Facebook and posted this topic on their discussion board. You may monitor their response to this issue HERE. For all we know, this could a file storage innovation being introduced by the company. Right.

TP will update this post as soon as CDR-King posts a reply on the board.

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