I believe this remains to be one of the most cost-effective ways to stay connected online while on the go.

For only 50 pesos, surf the net unlimited for one whole day!

Globe Super Surf 50 promo is open only to all Globe Tattoo Prepaid (broadband and mobile) and all Globe Prepaid subscribers.

How to register?

Just text SUPERSURF50 to 8888

Note that you won't be automatically re-registered to Super Surf if your Super Surf subscription expires in the middle of a browsing session. You will however receive a text message informing you of the expiry. Needless to say, if you continue surfing without re-registering to Super Surf, you will be charged P5 for every 15 minutes of connection. To check the status of your Super Surf 50 subscription, just text SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888.

Have you tried subscribing to this promo? What can you say about it? Please leave your comment below.

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