Samsung Galaxy S - In the Flesh, Photos of the Device, Initial Impressions

Samsung Philippines has finally sent TechPinas a Samsung Galaxy S unit to play with.

Expect our full review and other features on this high-end Android device soon. How soon? Hopefully, by Thurday or Friday next week.

But in the meantime, read specifications and pricing details of Samsung Galaxy S Philippines via the link. And if you will, view these photos to get an idea of the phone's size and depth, and of how it fits in the hand:

Initial Impressions:

Galaxy S has one of the largest footprints I've ever seen on a phone. Yes, it's big (as if reflective of the big features it comes with) -- but definitely not bulky.

Like what I wrote in an earlier post on this device, Samsung Galaxy S' design identity screams iPhone 3GS any way you look at it, largely because of the metallic rim, the end-to-end glass on the front, the shiny back case and the chrome-edged 3.5mm headphone jack at the top panel. That's how it is, really. Design-wise, I'd describe it as 'spread-out iPhone'.

While a bit plasticky compared to the aluminum-clad iPhone 4, Galaxy S nonetheless feels very solid in the hand. The phone doesn't creak nor flex when squeezed. However, despite the top-notch construction, looking at how wide and thin the Galaxy S is -- I must admit that I feel compelled to take extra care of it for fear of accidentally breaking it in half.

To wrap this up, let me say that this phone is gorgeous. It may be expensive but it sure looks that way.

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