Justin Bieber Hit With Water Bottle on Stage - Hot on Youtube!

Why do some people hate Justin Bieber so much? The 16-year-old boy's just trying to make some cash!

The video shows Justin Bieber walking up on stage, trying to welcome everyone to his show and suddenly, someone from the audience threw a big *$s water bottle right to his face.

Seriously, what's it with some people?

OK. Since the video is about Justin Bieber and a lot of people apparently are either in awe of or plain happy seeing him attacked like that, the clip has become a new hit on the site -- getting 7,476,169 views (as of August 17, 2010, 11:48 AM) since it was uploaded last August 9 and becoming most viewed and most discussed entertainment video last week in various territories including US, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

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