Venus Raj Takes Over Twitter and Google - Filipina is 5th Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe This Year

If sheer popularity on Twitter and Google were to be considered as criterion in crowning this year's Miss Universe, then Venus Raj, the Philippines' bet in the pageant, should have taken home the crown. (Although being the 5th Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe this year -- which she officially is -- isn't so bad, right?)

Venus Raj's Twitter Take Over started last night - amidst the palpable gloom and dampened spirit of the Philippines following the tragic end of the hostage-taking crisis in Manila - somehow providing that sliver of joy for the nation:

This Twitter Take Over continued even (or more correctly, culminated) during the live TV broadcast of the pageant -- when Venus landed on the very top spot of Twitter's Worldwide Trending List; while her name was being announced as one of the Top 5 candidates. This take over, however, didn't stop in the social networking site. Even Google - the most popular search engine in the world - felt the sheer popularity of and public clamor for Raj:

Clearly, although Venus won't be taking home the Miss Universe crown to her hometown in Bicol, she could very well consider herself a winner.

And as eloquently put by Kat de Castro, daughter of former Philippine Vice-President Noli de Castro, "[...] Venus Raj uplifted our spirits this morning and that's what matters. :)"

Mabuhay ka, Venus Raj! You made us proud in a major, major way! Maraming salamat!