Torque E55 - Php 999 Only! Has Colored Screen, FM Radio, Torch Light!

Finally. A 999-peso phone that doesn't look like a calculator and has a colored screen.

Quoting the daring press release:

"Most mobile phone manufacturers put in a lot of unnecessary features in their products that only make the phone expensive."

A complete anti-thesis to that, it seems, is Torque E55 -- which carries only the most basic functions users need in a mobile phone but nevertheless comes with a price tag everyone can afford. Aside from allowing you to - well - call and text, E55 also touts essential features like your basic alarm, calendar, calculator, FM Radio and even torch light.

Torque E55 has a suggested retail price of only Php 999 and comes in 5 colors (I'll have to check what those colors are exactly. Off hand, one of which is yellow -- as seen in the official press shot.)

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