Google Facebook Killer : Google Me - Confirmed?!

Truth be told, social media success remains rather elusive at Google. Sure, the company has both Buzz and Orkut -- But the level of success achieved by these two projects - even combined - simply pales in comparison to that of Facebook or even Twitter.

Despite being the undisputed leader in online information search, oddly enough, Google has been unable to create and develop a system wherein Internet users can efficiently find and share information provided by relatives, friends and acquaintances, which is - needless to say - Facebook's unquestionable territory and claim to fame.

Perhaps realizing that you can't be the most successful internet company in the world and be slain just like that in the social networking department, Google has decided to get its act together and come up with a potential Facebook killer.

Rumors about this big project started a year ago but it's only recently that we had a hint on what it's gonna be called.

Two prominent social media personalities, Digg-founder Kevin Rose and Adam D'Angelo who was formerly with Facebook, have separately disclosed that Google's landmark social networking venture will be named "Google Me"

Here's Kevin Rose's tweet somehow confirming the existence of Google Me:

and here's what Adam D'Angelo wrote on Quora:

As yet, that's all there is to share. Trust that we'll keep you posted as soon as more news about Google Me surface.

What do you think about the name of the project? You think this venture will be successful? Please leave your comment below.

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