New Digg : 4th Version, Up Now - Channels Facebook and Twitter

Say goodbye to that winged horse! New Digg is now up for public consumption!

new digg

Just looking at it, it's obvious that Digg team wants to...

1. Channel the look of both Facebook and Twitter via the site's revamped design.

2. Go for a simpler layout that will encourage users to 'follow' each other and to submit more stories.

Revamp Rundown --


The content submission bar is now placed at the top of the page -- quite like the position of the Facebook's status bar and the What's Happening box of Twitter.

One thing to note is that, it's now a lot easier to submit content to Digg as there are now practically no boxes to fill in. You just need to paste the URL in the box, choose Topic on the dropdown menu, pick an image and click Digg It button. Easy. No more captcha text, description text and other unnecessary content submission stuff.

Just-Follow-Each-Other Design

Also, the site's new layout - featuring a new, more noticeable Follow button for each Digg profile - clearly encourages users to follow each other, which - hopefully - will result in more Diggs and comments.

Two Top Tabs

Flaunting a far simpler design, new Digg now only has two tabs on top of each page.

My News shows stories Dugg by users you follow. Top News, on the other hand, shows the most Dugg stories by all users on the site.

If you can see, Digg has altogether scrapped sub-topics for each category. So no more Apple, Gadgets etc. under Technology or Music, Movies, etc under Entertainment, etc.. -- Whether or not this is a good move remains to be seen. I personally prefer seeing and working with sub-topics for the obvious reason that it makes looking for Dugg stories within a particular field a lot easier.

The Most Likely Motivation for Revamp

So why this revamp?

Credit: Compete

If traffic were any true measure of a site's relevance, then it's obvious that Digg's relevance online has dipped in recent months. The reason for this, I believe, is the invasion of groups that manipulate front-page stories and even use the site for commercial purposes.

Now, can this recent revamp save Digg? What do you think?