Make Youtube Faster in 3 EASY Steps

Tired of buffering and stuttering Youtube videos due to slow connection?

Well, know that not having a fast internet connection does not necessarily mean that you have to suffer every time you're on Google's popular video-sharing site.

Here are 3 steps you can take to work around your turtle-paced connection and make Youtube videos load a lot faster.

Step 1: Tweak Youtube Playback Settings

The first you can do is to change the Playback settings. To go to the Settings page, click on Account menu on the upper right corner of your screen, under your Account name button.

Click on Settings link, then go to Playback Setup. Under Video Playback Quality, choose the first Option (Never play High-Quality videos...) and Save Changes.

This should be good enough in most cases but if your videos are still stuttering, you might want to take...

Step 2: Download and use Google Chrome browser

Maybe your browser's not helping the issue. Like, it's not designed to load Youtube and other video sites fast enough.

Try out Google Chrome browser. I can swear by its speed and I'm sure a lot of other users can too. Download the browser here.

Now, if tweaking setting and using Chrome browser are still not enough, proceed to...

Step 3: Download and install SpeedBit Video Accelerator

This software accelerates video loading by opening several links to a particular video Youtube's servers. Different segments are downloaded from various mirrors, giving way to a more interruption-free playback.

Just run the program while playing a Youtube video and you're good to go.

Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator for FREE via the link.

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