Twitter Lists and Listed Followers : No More?! BACK!

Has Twitter altogether scrapped its Lists feature?

I opened my Twitter account (@TechPinas) this morning and this greeted me:

The listed followers counter that used to sit there is suddenly gone. :(

and apparently, this is happening across all accounts -- even in Twitter's:

Twitter hasn't issued an announcement regarding the removal of this feature. If Twitter will scrap it for good, you think you'll miss it or not really?

UPDATE as of August 19, 2010 - 9:38 PM: Twitter Lists and Listed Followers are back.

As it turns out, the sudden disappearance of Twitter lists earlier today is just a minor hiccup.

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  1. Hope it's just a bug. I unfollowed a lot of people and put them on lists.. @____@

  2. I hope so too. I actually like that feature. :)


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