New Gmail Look Rolled Out

The changes are subtle but noticeable, nonetheless.

Today, Google unveiled the revamped the interface of its popular email hosting service, Gmail.

As you can see in the grab, Mail, Contacts, and Tasks links have now been moved to the top left of Gmail page. Compose mail is now a button instead of just a link. A smaller header area puts the first message in your inbox at exactly 16 pixels higher on the screen. The Select All, Read, Unread, None, and Starred links that used to be above messages are now but options in a drop-down menu, next to Archive button.

Gmail team has also done a major overhaul to Contacts pane, adding a handful of features requested by users for ease of use. Keyboard shortcuts and labeling options similar to those being used in Mail have been implemented. Also, users can now merge contacts from the More actions menu. Doing so is as easy as choosing the contacts you'd like to merge and selecting Merge contacts option from under the More actions menu.

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1 comment:

  1. The new UI is horribly ugly. The new fonts make Gmail look like outdated 90's Rediff interface. Isn't Google preforming some End-user testing before rolling out such awful changes?Although functionality-wise, Gmail always beats other Email providers.


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