Hostage-Taking in the Philippines : Twitter Worldwide Trend, Google Trends #1 Hot Topic - Aftermath of the Tragedy, Utterly Enraging

Numerous keywords and queries related to the Philippines have made it to Twitter's Worldwide Trending list and Google Trends Hot Topics in recent months, including but not limited to Charice, Noynoy Aquino and Ateneo de Manila University. These keywords and the topics they represent became a source of pride for the Republic of the Philippines.

-- EXCEPT for this new one. Information on the aftermath of this horrifying tragedy, I'm sure, all of us would have preferred not to share with the rest of world.

Keywords pertaining to the hostage-taking drama that happened in Quirino Grandstand adjacent Luneta Park, Manila from 10AM to around 9PM today have just made it to Twitter's Worldwide Trending Topics list and some even landed at top positions in Google Trends Hot Topics. This means that, by this time, most of the online world (if not the 'world' itself) is already aware of this totally disgraceful and utterly enraging tragedy.

I hope the victims and their families recover fully from this horrible ordeal, which I believe could have been prevented had everyone involved thought about their actions first than recklessly ruining all efforts for a peaceful surrender of the hostage taker.

Like many Filipinos, I'm also completely disappointed and very angry with the fact that the crisis was totally mismanaged by our government and a lot of innocent lives were wasted. Sadly, the incompetency and inefficiency of our government shone brightest in this incidence, which led me to feel that we again lack the needed leadership to move forward. In hindsight, all the crisis-management team needed was a good leader - someone level-headed, patient, peace-loving, determined, brave and smart enough to take hold of the situation and resolve it. That leader, frustratingly, I believe we still sorely lack.

To the people of Hong Kong, know that the whole Philippines is deeply mourning with you on this great loss and tragedy and we share the anger over the appalling professional standards and the lack of strategic planning over the crisis. However, please spare our fellow citizens who are peacefully working and staying in your country. It is not them who should bear the consequences of the actions of one crazy man and the mistakes of our government.

God bless Hong Kong. God bless the Philippines.