Cherry Mobile P1 - Php 999 Only, Silent Best-Seller in its Category?

Cherry Mobile P1 looks like a calculator and is as small as a credit card.

Looking at it, you wouldn't think that Pinoys would even bother picking it up. Nope, not in this age of touchscreen phones and full QWERTY keypads, right? But my interview with sales girls of phone shops in Greenhills last Thursday proves otherwise.

They say that this phone is actually one of the best-sellers. Shares one sales assistant, "Mabilis maubos yan sa'min. Sobrang mura kasi; 999 lang. Pwede nang pang-second phone. At saka kapag nawala, hindi masyado masakit." [It gets sold out easily because it's so cheap; (At) just Php 999. It's OK for a second phone. And in case you lose it, it's not going to be as painful (as losing something more expensive).]

So it looks like Cherry P1 is king in the ultra-affordable basic phone category.

Do you own a P1? What can you say about it? Please leave your comment below.

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  1. I have one.... OK naman sya for a second phone. pero asar lang yung 40 msg limit nya, at ung phonebook is from sim lang...

  2. I own 1 CMp1... handy cya, maliit, and hindi maiinit sa mata ng mga snatcher...

  3. Maganda sya cute and affordable kaso once na magpatak sya andali dali na masira.. nawawala ung toolkit once maalog. lumuluwag din ang sim card. Madalas mag limited service. But i think depende sa model din un. ung skn kasi ung lumang model nila, prototype lang ata nila un. mas ok ung bago p1i


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