Samsung Champ C3303K vs. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 - Size Comparison

How does Samsung Champ C3303K, the small touchscreen phone of Samsung as yet, compare against Samsung Galaxy S i9000, one of the widest touchscreen phones ever made, size-wise?

Basic messaging phone and music player, Samsung Champ C3303K, has dimensions of 96.3 x 53.8 x 13 millimeters. Here's how it fits in the hand:

Android-powered smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S i9000, on the other hand, has dimensions of 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 millimeters. Here's out how it looks like when you're holding it:

Here's how the midget and the giant look side-by-side:

Aww. Ain't that cute?

Another 'Wala lang. Let's take ourselves lightly.' post by yours truly. Shouldn't we be doing this more often?

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