Inception on Twitter: Massive Trending Topic

According to data gathered by HighTweets* over the past 5 days, Inception (The Movie) remains to be the Most Massive worldwide trending topic on the social networking site, Twitter:

Inception first became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter during the movie's premiere last July 13. From then right to this very moment, the keyword has never left the hot list --

-- making it perfectly valid to speculate that, next to legend-in-the-making Justin Bieber and the recently concluded FIFA World Cup, Inception is actually the most talked about topic in the history of the site.

Oh and another thing, Trendistic data covering the past 7 days show that interest in Inception is far from losing steam -- with an average of around 0.1% of millions of Tweets from around the world per day mentioning the said keyword.

Am I the only one who hasn't seen this movie? Darn it. I feel so uncool.

*Twitter Trending Topic analysis tool by Portent Interactive

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