Cherry Mobile P1 vs. Torque E35 : Php 999 Calculator Phone Battle!

I learned two highly important things about Cherry Mobile P1 today:

1. There's actually an upgraded version of P1 called Cherry Mobile P1i. Off hand though, I'm not sure how to spot one from the other.

2. Cherry Mobile P1 has a bitter rival in the marketplace that not only looks like it but also sports a similar price tag of Php 999. The phone is by Topstrasse Global and is called Torque E35.

Here are photos of Cherry Mobile P1 and Torque E35 side by side:

Needless to say, it's gonna be hard - if not pointless - to compare these two specs-wise. Because really, there won't be much to list down and dissect.

I say it all boils down to aesthetics. While the two phones practically has the same dimensions, we can see pronounced differences in the design details. Cherry Mobile P1 has round rubber keys while Torque E35 has wide rectangular ones. E35 also has a thicker colored front rim compared to the more subtle edge-design of P1. At the back, P1 dons a finger-print resistant case while E35's back cover has a glossy finish.

Which one is better? You tell me. Please leave your comment below.

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  1. obviously these phones come from the same factory in china

  2. ^ I agree.
    Definitely no point comparing it. Same Hardware and Software. With regards to aesthetics however, I choose Cherry's. The square buttons on the Torque's makes it look bulky (even though they have the same dimensions).


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