Ellen Degeneres on Twitter: The Best Singers are in the Philippines

TechPinas Pinoy Pride Post:

Very popular US talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, today declared on Twitter that some of the best singers she knows actually come from the Philippines.


I’ve learned 2 things about TV. It’s always easier with vodka & some of the best singers are from the Philippines.

This statement was probably prompted by Filipina Youtube-sensation Charice's stellar performance of Jennifer Holiday's 'And I Am Telling You (You're Gonna Love Me)' and Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You on Ellen in 2007 and WCOPA Junior Champion Rhap Salazar's All By Myself rendition on the show last year.

Watch Charice's first appearance on US TV via Ellen Degeneres Show three years ago:

Never fails to amaze me.

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

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  1. Wow! Ellen Degeneres is definitely a big fan of the filipinos. :))

  2. We appreciate you, Ellen, for acknowledging Pilipino talents! We thank you for the opportunity to be heard by many and show what we have to offer to the world!

  3. Thank you miss Ellen,FILIPINOS will love you more for that!!!"MABUHAY MISS DEGENERES"

  4. Wow. Thank you Ellen for acknowledging Filipino Tatlents. We are happy also that you are one of the many reasons why Charice is now successful.
    Thank you.

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  5. Cool one,,,, "....some of the best singers are from the Philippines"


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