Google Search Images Results Page Revamped

Yesterday, Gmail team tried to wow us with the subtle changes they implemented on Gmail's interface. Earlier today, Google Search team unveiled a new Images Results page.

Seriously, is it Google Site Revamp Month?!

The new Images Results page looks just a tad cleaner than the old one. Text elements, including the title of the photo, its dimensions and the website on which it is located, were removed from the results area -- giving way to a collage-like arrangement of images. Text elements only become visible when the user points the mouse to (and in effect, zooms in on) an image.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I like this revision. While it looks a bit better than the previous design, the fact that I now have to hover my mouse on every image to know their actual size is a bit annoying.

I think Google Image Search team should have just passed on this revamp (for now, at least) if only to focus more on how they could improve the quality of results. In some cases, page 1 results still don't show images that the user wants to see, case in point: iPhone 4 image search. You would think that with the large amount of iPhone 4 photos available on the net, Google Image Search would get it right. But apparently, hardly so.

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