ATI : No More - AMD Wipes Out ATI Brand

AMD has altogether erased the ATI brand from the face of the earth.

Motivated by a new Fusion approach to processor design -- delivering powerful GPU and CPU capabilities for 3D, HD and data-intensive workloads and graphics in a single-die processor called an APU or Accelerated Processing Unit, AMD has dropped ATI branding of all of its graphics chips in favor of well... AMD.

Names of product lines will be retained, with Radeon and FirePro brand names still intact, but ATI Eyefinity will henceforth be known as AMD Eyefinity.

A Bit of History

The AMD-ATI merger closed on October 25, 2006. ATI retained its name, trademarks and logos; while Dave Orton, who was then ATI's CEO, was made AMD's Executive Vice President of Visual and Media Businesses. On July 10, 2007, AMD shocked the tech world with the announcement of Orton's resignation from the company after staying merely 10 months with the organization. Orton is now the CEO of Aptina, an image sensor company located in California.