Nokia N9 on MeeGo : New Leaked Photos, Looks Authentic

Yesterday, Eldar Murtazin - Editor-in-Chief of Mobile Review, posted a few photos of a Nokia N9 unit (with model name printed on it) on his LJ page -- and it looks nothing like the rumored Nokia N9 that's earlier leaked by Negri Electronics.

Here are photos of what could very well be the authentic 2010 Nokia MeeGo flagship phone.

Oh, that's definitely not Symbian^3

As you can see, the phone dons what looks like an almost-unibody anodized aluminum case and island-style keyboard. Its also an angled side slider -- like Nokia N97, N97 Mini and the previously rumoured N9, which - I think - will eventually end up becoming a full QWERTY slider pro variant of Nokia N8.

As a Nokia N900 owner, seeing the real Nokia N9 does nothing but excite me -- almost to wits' end. With all humility, let me tell you, I've used and tested many smartphones running on various platforms but I think Maemo remains to be the best in the pack, in almost all departments. If MeeGo promises to be better than Maemo - if a bit - then Nokia N9 could very well be the smartphone to beat.

PS: Just for the sake of comparison, here's a photo of Negri's previously rumoured N9 --

and here's another photo of what's most likely the real Nokia N9 --

The differences are day and night, don't you think? In the fact, the latter looks more like a Macbook Pro than anything.

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