Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G 4.0.2 - The JailbreakMe Situation

Here's the thing: If you've updated your iPod Touch 3G's iOS to version 4.0.2 released a few days go, then there's NO WAY for you to Jailbreak your iPod Touch, at least, as of the moment.

jailbreak ipod touch 4.0.2

We are 100% sure that the upgraded JailbreakMe solution won't work; So you best pass on that option lest you want to experience problems on your iPod Touch trying to force the issue.

What to do? Wait until a working Jailbreak becomes available.

We'll keep you posted on updates.

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  1. the 4.0.2 update is just apple's patch for the PDF security hole used by comex to jailbreak. Just download Saurik's patch from cydia to patch the hole and maintin your jailbroken status.

  2. I put my ipod in not knowing they updated it 2 minutes after they put the update out and now im stuck with a piece of crap for a few months


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