Noynoy Aquino: How Many Text Messages Does Our President Receive per Day?

I swear I've never bothered watching TV coverage of any press conference in Malacanang -- until now.

This afternoon, the President himself faced the Malacanang press corps and answered more than a handful of questions on a variety of topics -- including but not limited to the Tondo police station torture video, the comment system of the P-noy official website and the government's position on the PAL debacle.

Then, for some reason -- I think, in relation to a tech inquiry from someone in the corps, President Noynoy Aquino started talking about his texting habits. He shared that (, as expected,) he receives a lot of text messages everyday and he tries to send text-replies whenever he can. He said that he usually checks his cellphone in the morning after waking up and before sleeping at night and also does so a few times throughout the day.

But just how many text messages does our President receive on his phone on any given day? Tito Noy said that he sees around 30 unread messages when he checks his phone in the morning, around 15 messages every time he looks at it through out the day and another 30 unread messages before sleeping.

You do the math. :)

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