BlackBerry Torch 9800 Philippines - Price, Availability

This post collates all information and updates
on availability and pricing details of
BlackBerry Torch 9800 in the

BlackBerry Torch has yet to be officially released in the Philippines. Likewise, no telco has made claims on being the phone's official carrier in the country. Also, we've yet to hear word from RIM's PR agency here on Torch's anticipated Philippine launch. As such, kindly stay tuned for updates.

However, as expected, a few stores in Pinas already have BB Torch 9800 on their shelves. EBuyStore, for example, is currently offering the handset (with US operator logo) for a whopping Php 38,000 ;

Still a tad too expensive if you ask me (considering that it only costs $500 without commitment via AT&T in the US) -- but can you really put a price tag on being one of the first geeks in Pinas to own what RIM calls, "The Best Blackberry Ever"?

Watch the first in a series of official BB Torch 9800 promo videos: