Google Chrome Fail : Can Not Connect to Internet SOLUTION

Has this ever happened to you? Are you experiencing this right this very moment?

You connect to the internet and open Google Chrome. Then, you notice that - for some reason - the browser just won't connect to the net and load websites:

It just keeps flashing "Loading..." on top of the window and "Connecting..." at the bottom.

You open Internet Explorer to check if your connection is working well. And IE - albeit not as fast as Chrome - connects and load websites flawlessly.

Let me tell you, if you're seeing such symptoms, then your Google Chrome browser is truly and royally f*&Ked.

What's the solution? Shut down your computer and restart it. That's the only way to fix the issue as yet.

Google's gotta to do something about this. It's plain annoying.

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  1. h,,, what kind of solution is that? youre just like the usual tech support guy that just heard the solution without knowing what is really happening.


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