Globe Rainy Days Sale - 2 Phones Per Plan

It's raining phones at Globe!

Just for this rainy season, Globe will be bundling two (2) phones with some plans instead of the usual 1 phone per plan.

Here are the available units:

(Credit: Globe Telecom) 3rd row, 3rd column, that's supposed to be Nokia N900 (It's alright; we all make mistakes. Nobody's perfect. But that phone's sure close to it.). Oh, but wait... this is actually getting more confusing *scratches head* -- that 2nd row, 4th column photo depicts Samsung Omnia i900 not i9000, which is Samsung Galaxy S. Globe better be careful with typing handset model names. These days, add another digit to a model name and it's a totally different phone. So is it Samsung i900 or Samsung i9000?

Here is the chart showing us the phone distribution as per available plans:

Grabs courtesy of Globe Telecom

Needless to say, opt for the best phone combo for your plan.