How to Increase Adsense Earnings by More Than 100%

A lot of people get into blogging with the hope of making a good amount of money.

Right now, Adsense - Google's online advertising program, is the best way to create revenue from a blog. While signing up for Adsense and getting approved could prove challenging and even tiresome, start-up publishers should keep in mind that - combined with patience, enthusiasm and hard-work - membership in this program could be rewarding in the end.

I'd like to share 5 things that I did that helped increase my Adsense earnings by more than 100% (from May 2010 to June 2010):

1. I consistently worked on my blog's traffic.
While high traffic doesn't guarantee an immediate increase in Adsense earnings, consistency in getting good traffic gives Google an impression that your blog is worthy of being given quality and competitively priced ads.

2. I refocused on my target audience.
TechPinas is a tech blog for Filipinos. That's what it is. However, there was a point in this blog's history where I posted entries about Naruto. I did so because I like that manga and I made an incorrect assessment that a lot of other techie Pinoys like it too. I must admit that that was a wrong move and I've already taken drastic measures to correct the mistake. It was wrong because: 1. It gave some of my readers an impression that TechPinas is hardly as 'hardcore tech' as they would want it to be. And 2. because Google - realizing that my blog was hardly targeted during that point - gave me low-priced Anime ads, which dragged down my Adsense earnings.

3. I placed a large Adsense box under the blog post title.
As an Adsense publisher, I'm fond of experimenting on ad block types and placements. I've tried using horizontal banners, skyscrapers, etc. But the block type that I found most effective is the 336x280 rectangle. I also found out that the most ideal placement for it is right under the title of the blog post.

4. I used link units.
I know some Adsense publishers who snob link units -- thinking that links are too small or too simple to be noticed. I've got news for them. Last month, link unit earnings accounted for more than 10% of TechPinas' total Adsense revenue. This unit delivers.

5. I matched Ad font with blog post font.
After much experimentation on ad fonts, I realized that ads perform better when they blend in nicely with the blog post. Hence, the ad font must be similar to the font used in the post itself. The goal is not to fool readers into thinking that ads are natural links but rather to make it easier for them to realize the relevance of the ads in the context of the blog post.

There you go. I hope you find this post helpful in achieving financial freedom via blogging.

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  1. And now you're moving into SEO/Adsense/making money related topics?

    Hahaha just kidding.

  2. when you say income do you mean decent income as in enough to live off on?

  3. @pedrocantojos

    They call it passive income. It is enough to live with it if you have a website traffic like :-)