Nokia E7 Slide Communicator : In The Flesh, Initial Impressions, CBD Still Wows!

Yesterday, at Nokia Philippines' Connect Create Entertain event in Makati, the media got a chance to play with and learn more about four new Nokia devices that are slated for release in the country either late this Q4 or early next year.

Nokia E7, the company's latest communicator device, is one of these phones.

nokia e7

nokia e7

nokia e7

nokia e7

nokia e7

nokia e7

First Impressions:

As soon as Mr. Rhomel Marcojos of Nokia handed me the E7 unit, I immediately felt how well-constructed it is. It has this weight that would give anyone the impression that it's a powerhouse of a smartphone and that all parts inside and outside were carefully put in place. I believe this is one of the greatest strengths of this device; It's solid like a tank.

With shell made of metal and body that's obviously masterfully designed, there's no denying that Nokia E7 is a flagship enterprise device. If you want to know how competitive Nokia is in terms of handset design, then this is the phone you need to study and compare with flagship releases of other companies.

Like Nokia C7, Nokia E7 features a capacitive touchscreen with Clear Black Display. As I've explained earlier, CBD makes all colors look richer and more alive and provides higher-contrast viewing experience. Now, I know I've told you Nokia C7's screen in the flesh looks breathtaking; Imagine the same screen on the E7, only bigger.

The slide mechanism is largely similar to that of Nokia N97 Mini or Nokia N97. It's slanted so that the screen still faces you even when you place the handset on the table to watch a movie on it. The main difference is that there's actually a 'groove' in the body of Nokia E7 for the slide screen, so that when you want to hide the keyboard, the screen locks nicely in place making E7 look a lot like Nokia N8.

nokia e7

Nokia E7 runs Symbian^3 operating system. I haven't really had an immersive experience with this OS yet. And as such, I can't comment about it.

Looking forward to get a review unit soon. Until then, kindly stay tuned for updates.

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