Nokia C3 Promo Line at SM North EDSA - 9PM

TechPinas Exclusive:

Looks like Nokia C3 One Day Promo has been a smashing success!

At 9 o'clock in the evening (or an hour before mall closing time), people were still lining up for Nokia C3 at Nokia Store, SM North EDSA.

Proof? Here:

Photos courtesy of TP Friend, Elvin Mendoza.

(Got photos of the lines at the malls for today's Nokia C3 Promo? Care to share them with other TP readers? Please email TP at events.nobounds[at] We'll give you full credit for the photos. Thanks!)

Did you purchase your Nokia C3 via today's Php 1,000 OFF promo? How do you find the phone? Have you activated any of the Nokia Messaging Services? Share your story with us. Please leave your comment below. Thanks!

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  1. i was supposed to go to Nokia at SM Manila at around ten am but i woke up a little bit late so i got there by eleven. when i got there, there was already a line and they said they're all out.i was kind of disappointed but i remembered that there were other stores offering the promo. so i went three floors down in a hurry after i noticed some of the people who were in line back at the Nokia store trying to tail on me. this is war!haha.i got to this store with only 4 persons in line so i quickly lined took a while to get my slate grey c3 cos the salesladies are doing one on one with customers to activate the messaging thingy with smart. i finished my transaction at around 12:40, enough time to go back to class.xD so far, i love my Nokia C3.[:

  2. di ko madownload yun messenger di ko alam kung ano mali sa ginagawa ko although nakakapag internet ako fb etc

  3. Its a cool phone, the messaging features are good, good wi-fi signal, simple interface, it delivered just as mine at Festival Mall, I think they had at least three stores that sold it...after you get your unit there was a person who would assist in activating the 7 day trial messaging service.....

  4. got my c3 at nokia store sm fairview they activated one of nokia's messeging service but they didn't gave me the free 2 gig micro SD card..

    (C3 Promo - Free 2GB MicroSD Card When You Activate One of Nokia Messaging Services at the Store on July 31, 2010SD card)

  5. woke up late that day. around 4pm, i decided to go to the 3 participating stores in Megamall.. went to Memoxpress first and no luck, they are already out of stock.. iv asked the saleslady as to how many Nokia C3 they have earlier that day and she said it was 85 units :(.. 2nd, went to technokid,still out of stock! and lastly, went to Nokia store (thinking it was Nokia store, i was kinda positive and hopeful) but when i got there, iv asked the salesman and he told me that they still have units (yey!) but if i'm going to buy the unit it will be not be on it's sale price (6295php) anymore but back to it's original price of (7295php).. i asked why and he told me that the 1000php off units are already out of stock! maybe i'll just wait and see if i really wanted to have this phone.. will also wait for the reviews if this will be worth it.. :)

  6. I just got my C3 last saturday and bought it in a least-known venue to go thru: Robinsons Pioneer! Since my office is at Cybergate, I was able to go to the store (the only one store in Rob Pioneer that offers the sale!) by 10am! I was the first one to buy the unit! I got the unit and it was so far so good. Although Smart only has the Nokia Messaging promo for prepaid (i'm a globe user!), i was able to really use the whole Social Network capacity of the phone. And it looks like a BB! I hope things will go well with this phone!

  7. I was lucky to buy 2 units last July 31, with free 2gb memory cards and Smart Sims. The store also programmed the Nokia Messaging service (free 7-day trial)

    Though FB, Twitter & Y!Mail works flawlessly, I cannot setup Y!Messenger to be the default IM/chat client. OVI Chat is the default IM/chat client, which nobody I know is on, Grrr…

    Does anybody know how to setup YM without restoring phone defaults and reinstalling the GPRS setting? I do not know how to get the "Select Your Services" Menu (as shown on the C3 screen above) Thanks in advance.

  8. I managed to get this phone lasy August 1. A day late for the promo launch. I got it still for Php 6,295 since i asked for a reservation weeks earlier. I dont have a free 2gig but hey i dont need 2 gig, 1 gig ridata sd card cost only Php350. Nokia Messaging is superb! great phoneit looks like a balckberry! nice nice..

    I will be posting in youtube a detailed review of the phone. wtach out for it.

  9. where did you bought ur c3?

  10. hangang kelan sale pwd mag pah reserve

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