Globe wants you to mix and match freebies.

Introducing Globe My Fully Loaded Postpaid Plan:

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Pick your Plan

Plan 299
Plan 499
Plan 999
Plan 1799
Plan 2499
Plan 3799

Step 2: Pick your Freebies (look at photo above for reference)

Plan 299 – Choose 1 from A-D
Plan 499 – Choose 2 from A-D
Plan 999 – Choose 3 from A-E
Plan 1799 – Choose 5 from A-E
Plan 2499 – Choose 7 from A-E
Plan 3799 – Choose 9 from A-E or Choose 1 F

These are the following freebies that you may get with your fully loaded plan:

A – Get FREE calls and texts to Globe/TM (10 minute calls and 200 SMS)
B – Get FREE calls and texts to other networks (5 minute calls and 25 SMS)
C – Get FREE International calls and texts to 10 Destinations (20 minute IDD calls and 10 International SMS)
(Here are included call and text international destinations: US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska)
D – Get FREE mobile surfing (free surfing of up to 3 hours)
E – Get FREE Globe Super One -- unlimited calls and texts to ONE GLOBE NUMBER
F – Get FREE Globe Super Surf (Unlimited Surfing - EXCLUSIVE TO PLAN 3799)

* Plan 299 and Plan 499 subscribers may also add E but Php 100 pesos will be deducted from the consumable load.

* Each freebie that you choose to go with your plan is set to auto-renew every thirty days. You will be given the option to change freebie-combinations every month, which you can do simply by calling the Globe Hotline or by going to a Globe Store near you.

Step 3: Add your FREE handset

Plan 299: Samsung E2120 or Nokia 1680
Plan 499: Samsung C3053 or Nokia 2690
Plan 999: Samsung C3510 or Nokia X3
Plan 1799: BlackBerry Curve 8520 or HTC Tattoo
Plan 2499: Samsung B7610 or Nokia X6
Plan 3799: iPhone 3GS 16GB or BlackBerry Bold 9700

Here are the Fully Loaded Plan Rates:

Plan 299 to Plan 999:
PhP 6.50 per minute to another Globe or TM number
PhP 7.50 per minute to other networks

Plan 1799 to Plan 3799:
PhP 6.00 per minute to another Globe or TM number
PhP 6.50 per minute to other networks

For more info, contact Globe 24-Hour Call-in Service:
Dial 211 - Toll-free using your Globe mobile phone
(02) 730-1000 - Toll-free using your Globe Landline in Luzon and VisMin

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