8 Reasons NOT to BUY The iPad Tablet

I've already told you the 8 reasons why I think you should buy the Apple iPad.

Now, for balance, here are 8 reasons why I think you might wanna pass on it or just wait for the next iteration to the device (with fingers crossed, hoping it will be far better than 1.0).

1. The name of the device itself

iPad sounds like an effective brand name for a pantyliner.

Photo courtesy of Jezebel : More iPad = Maxipad jokes HERE.

Worse: It makes people mispronouncing iPod sound cool. Grr.

2. It runs a glorified iPhone OS

Drop delusions of iPad replacing your laptop or even your netbook. This thing doesn't run a full computer OS like Snow Leopard and as such, it won't let you do A LOT of things that you can do on your computer.

3. No multi-tasking

Just like the iPhone, iPad runs only one application at a time. But at least, with the iPhone you can make or receive a call while running an App in the background.

4. It doesn't support Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Not Supported message on the iPhone OS - copyright owned by Adobe

Forget playing Youtube videos (or any flash content for that matter) the usual way on the iPad. Apple and Adobe have been talking about lack of flash support on Apple products that run on iPhone OS for such a long time already, I'm surprised no resolution has been reached up to now.

5. Lack of important ports

No built-in USB port. No HDMI port.

6. Apple's Non-Disclosure Agreement

In this age of open-source operating systems (Chrome OS, Linux) and mobile applications (Android Apps), Apple continues to be as old-fashioned as ever: sticking to last century non-disclosure practices. READ: All apps that you want to run the iPad, you'd have to get from iTunes.

7. No Camera

Not even a small front-facing one. No Camera = No iChat.

8. iPad Screen Takes you Back to the late 90's

When Apple released the legendary Powerbook G4 Ti in 2001, the company practically introduced widescreen technology to the masses and made widescreen a standard feature in all portable computers. Plain odd, I think, that Apple chose a 4:3 aspect ratio screen for the iPad. What's up with that?


Apple fanboys and fangirls, don't get me wrong. I like the iPad -- as evidenced in my earlier 'why buy it' post. But also believe - like some of you, I'm sure - that there's still a lot of room for improvement on this device.

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  1. I don't really understand why people want 16:9. It isn't just for videos. I think more people would have complained if it actually was 16:9. Probably would have looked a bit funny no? 16:9 fine in landscape. but portrait?

  2. ^

    Great point.

    I also don't see anything wrong with 3:4 screen on a tablet.

  3. Very nice article!! Most important reason: It's too expensive! Not worth it.


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