HP Slate Unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer at CES !! Apple Tablet Vaporware Killer ?! Runs Windows 7 !

Steve Balmer, who yesterday showcased HP Slate at CES 2010, describes the tablet as ...

more powerful than a phone and almost as powerful as a PC. Perfect for reading, surfing the web and taking entertainment on the go.

The Apple Tablet hasn't even been confirmed yet -- but for the competition, there's no taking the insider infos sitting down. I wish the Apple Tablet all the best when it comes out -- if it ever comes out -- because the other devices with which it will eventually share its category are looking pretty formidable a market opponent. Case in point: HP Slate.

Here's what Charlik, an Engadget (source) reader, had to say about HP's new touch device and the rumored Apple iPad:

HP is certainly the first tablet to potentially take on Apple's rumors. but I have a feeling it will be an easy win by Apple. in part due to content (which apple has in spades already) and in part due to timing. when is the HP coming out. I haven't seen a clue and can't find one on the blogs other than 'this year', which could be much later in the year.

Apple's tactic is to hold back announcing until you know when sales should start. At least the month of. and the rumors are all ranging between March and June. so it is possible that the Apple Tablet will be out before any of these and just being able to put hands on the device will cause buzz. maybe enough to suck up some of the folks being wow'd by these Windows based devices.

HP Slate will be available later this year. It will run a PC Kindle application on top of its Windows 7 operating system.

Finally, watch HP CTO Phil McKinney share some of the history behind the development of Hewlett Packard's newly announced tablet:

No word on pricing or other specs yet. Keep tuning in for more details.

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