MSI Dual-Screen E-Reader ! Has Intel Atom Z CPU, Runs Windows 7 !!

Because TechPinas wasn't at CES 2010, Engadget had the sheer pleasure of snapping the first press shots of MSI's secretly manufactured, yet-unnamed, Dual-Screen E-Reader. Here are the photos:

Opens like a book - runs Windows 7 OS

Works like a netbook with its touchscreen keyboard

Lid closed - shows time, battery and wifi connection status.
Hopefully, even the owner's name ~ like 'TechPinas' E-Reader' in marquee

Way to go, MSI! Is this how do you it? Work quietly, then surprise everyone with a product prototype?

MSI hasn't disclosed much information about this e-reader yet. All we know is that it runs on Intel Atom Z processor, has two 10" capacitive touchscreens and has enough powerful to run Windows 7.

Oh and just by looking at it (metal casing, capacitive touchscreen), I bet this won't be as cheap as a netbook.

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