Filipinos in Haiti Use Technology and Internet to Report Their Condition to Media and Loved Ones

Amidst the harrowing upheaval experienced by fellow Filipinos working in disaster-stricken Haiti, modern technology and the internet became more than just ways for our kababayans to let the Philippine media know of their condition but also lifelines for them to find hope and strength by staying in touch with their loved ones.

Mr. Henry Riobuya, a Filipino working Haiti when the magnitude 7 earthquake shook the nation's capital, uses Yahoo Messenger, Webcam, Email and Skype to plead for help and report on his and his fellow Filipino workers' situation to our local media and to talk to his family and loved ones.

Watch this Exclusive Report by ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) - video courtesy of ABS-CBN News Channel:

I guess this is one of those moments when everyone would agree with me when I say, "Thank God for Technology and the Intenet!"

May God Bless Haiti.

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