What's the Size of Samsung Corby S3650 ( and Samsung Corby Pro ) ? How Does it Fit and Feel in the Hand ?

Ma. Carmela S. from Pasig City DM'd TP this query earlier:
"Hi TechPinas! I'm planning to get Samsung Corby S3650 this February. I think it's a good phone based on reviews I've read online. But I've yet to see an actual Corby or at least a dummy. So I want to ask, what are the dimensions of Corby and how does it fit and feel in the hand? Thanks!"

Hi Carmela! Thanks for the inquiry!

Here are the dimensions of Samsung Corby S3650:
103 x 56.5 x 12 mm
Use this online ruler to help visualize the dimensions.

I was at the mall when I read your question this afternoon -- so I thought I'd drop by a Samsung Experience Shop and snap a photo of Corby S3650 dummy in my hand to give you a better idea of Corby's size. Here's the photo (pardon the quality, I just used cellphone camera to take the shot):

Contrary to what people might think when they hear that Corby has 100% plastic shell, this phone feels very solid and well constructed. The plastic case doesn't feel cheap at all. In fact, it looks and feels tough. It's Carbon Fiber, if I'm not mistaken. So, no, you won't feel a bit shy to let your friends hold this phone.

There you go, Carmela. :) I hope you find this helpful


Here's a little bonus for Samsung Corby Pro fans:
Corby Pro has almost similar dimensions as Corby S3650 - 105 x 56.8 x 15.7 mm, to be exact. So if you're wondering about how Corby Pro fits in the hand, the photo above should give you clearer idea regarding that.

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  1. sna bumaba agd presyo nxt month nung pro hehe..


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