How to Password Protect or Encrypt a Wifi Network Created with CDR-King WLAN Router ?

Richard D. from PEX PM'd TP this query earlier:
"TP, I've recently established a wifi network at home using a wifi router that I bought in CD-R King. It's working great now. My only question is: How do I password protect the network to keep my neighbors from getting free wifi access? Thanks!"

Hi Richard!

Here's how to encrypt or password-protect your Wifi network (with CD-R King router):

1. Connect to the Wifi Network and the internet using your CDR-King router.

2. Browse the unique IP address of your WLAN router that CDR-King gave you upon purchase. The IP address looks something like 192.XXX.X.XXX. Just type the address on your browser's omnibar and press Enter.

3. The IP address should take you to the Broadband Router Set-up Wizard (this page is unique to your router):

4. On the left side of the page, click on Wireless

5. Under Wireless, click on Security. It should bring you to this page:

6. Click on the dropdown menu for Encryption. Choose WPA2.

7. Click on dropdown menu for Pre-Shared Key Format. Choose Passphrase

8. Type in your desired Wifi network password on the Pre-Shared Key box. Make sure it's a tough password to crack.

9. Apply Changes

10. Set an Admistrator Password to keep other users in the Wifi network from changing the wireless settings. Click on Management on the left side of the page. Then, click on Password:

11. Type in your desired username and password. Confirm password.

12. Click on Apply Changes

There you go. That's how to create your encrypted Wifi Network using CDR-King WLAN router.

The next time you try to connect to this network, it will ask for a password and will look something like this on your wireless network detector program:

Encrypted TechPinas Wifi Network - with the lock and all

I hope you find this helpful.

DISCLAIMER: Of course, it's still best to get in touch with CDR-King Support Team for help in using your CDR-King router and setting up an encrypted Wifi Network.

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  1. Currently using restriction via MAC Address + WPA2 mixed. Wish these routers can handle load balancing.

  2. Well that's good informative post!Whenever i see the post like yours i feel that there are helpful people who share information for the help of others,that must be helpful for others.But i would like to know more so i will be keeping close eyes on your each new post.

  3. thanks man... it really helped :)


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