Download Free Theme for Nokia E71 E63 E72 N82 N85 N95 E66 - Solstice by Pizero - TP Themes Series !

ThinkExist defines Solstice as

(v. i.) The time of the sun's passing the solstices, or solstitial points, namely, about June 21 and December 21. See Illust. in Appendix.

(v. i.) A stopping or standing still of the sun.

(v. i.) The point in the ecliptic at which the sun is farthest from the equator, north or south, namely, the first point of the sign Cancer and the first point of the sign Capricorn, the former being the summer solstice, latter the winter solstice, in northern latitudes; -- so called because the sun then apparently stands still in its northward or southward motion.

I don't really get why Pizero named this next theme as such - but it looks nice. If you have a Nokia phone running on Symbian S60 version 3 (e.g E71, E63, N82, N85, N86, N95, N96, E90, E72 etc. ) feel free to download it*:

Solstice by Pizero for Symbian S60 version 3

*this theme automatically adjusts to size of the phone's screen

Download it here -- password: ' ' :

Solstice Lite

Solstice Full

Installation Guide:

1. From your PC, transfer the theme file to your phone's memory card (E:) using USB cable or bluetooth connection.

2. Once the file has been transfered, press the Menu button on the phone's main standby screen.

3. Select "Applications".

4. Select "File Manager".

5. Select "E: Memory Card", where you transfered your theme file.

5. Find the theme. Double-click on it to install.

* Symbian S60 3rd Version Solstice copyright is owned by Pizero

This theme is provided for free under the Creative Common Attribution - non commercial - non derivative works 3.0 License by its creator and/or copyright owner. You may not use or distribute this theme for commercial purposes - in short, you may not sell it. Likewise, you may not alter, transform, or build upon this free Nokia theme.

Neither nor the copyright-owner of the free theme can be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by downloading, installing or using this theme on your phone or the possible lack of suitability.

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