Nokia Supreme vs. iPhone 3GS Supreme : Which Cellphone is Most Expensive ?! Which Cellphone Reigns Supreme ?!

The Battle of the Most Expensive Phones

Encrusted with 12.5 carats of rare pink diamonds and handmade veneers made from 83 grams of platinum and flaunting a navigation button topped off with a ginormous 3 carat diamond, Nokia Supreme - made from Nokia 8800 - sells for a whopping $160,000 or roughly Php 7,520,000 :

Darn expensive.

But price-wise, despite its very expensive price tag, Nokia Supreme has still got nothing on iPhone 3GS Supreme :

The Most Expensive Phone in the World Today

As of January 2010, iPhone 3GS Supreme owns the title of the Most Expensive Cellphone in the World. Simply an iPhone 3GS with a body made of 22 carat solid gold and sprinkled with no less than 190 diamonds, iPhone 3GS Supreme runs for a jaw-dropping amount of $ 3,200,000 or around Php 150,400,000 !!

Nokia Supreme and iPhone 3GS Supreme are both made by Stuart Hughes - a designer known for encrusting not-so-expensive gadgets with precious gems and metals and giving them a totally hefty price tag.

Ah. And in case you plan to get any of these two, you'd be glad to know that they ship with a storage box made of pure granite:

Photos courtesy of Stuart Hughes
Story via Engadget

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  1. Stuart Hughes is unbelievable! You carry that iPhone Supreme and you have in your pocket the GDP of a small African nation!


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