Benchmarks: Corei5 vs. Core2Duo - Is Core i5 Worth the Upgrade ? Core i5 vs. Core 2 Duo on the iMac !

If you're one of those who are still wondering if Intel Core i5 is any better than Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and is worth the upgrade, this post is for you.

Electronista's iMac CPU Benchmarks Test Results show that Intel's new Core i5 CPU smokes the aging Core 2 Duo processor in all relevant categories.

Comparing 2.66 GHz Core i5 CPU and 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, Xbench - a CPU testing tool specifically made for the Mac OS - results show that, as expected, Core i5 is better than Core 2 Duo in terms of raw CPU power, hyperthreading, memory allocation and streaming, rendering quartz graphics (or basic graphics) like lines, squares, text and OpenGL graphics (more complex graphics) like spinning squares or 3D objects.

Here's the Xbench Results Graph courtesy of Electronista:

As you can see, Core i5 - a quadcore CPU, in Mac's case - is around three times better than Core 2 Duo in Hyperthreading or in deliverin thread-level parallelism on each processor resulting in more efficient use of processor resources. A result not too surprising but definitely impressive.

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  1. Core i5 is not quad core: it's a dual core with Hyper Threading activated: 2 cores/4 threads


  2. Core i5 for iMac is Quad-Core:

  3. your wrong..there is a quad core and a dual core i5

    i5 750 is a quad without hyperthreading..then the others are dual cores with hyper threading

    sheesh research a little more


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