8 Reasons to BUY The iPad Tablet !

So many geeks the world over have started to shoot down, rule out and hate on Apple's new landmark release, the Apple iPad.

Some say it's a disappointment, nothing new - merely a bigger iPod Touch while others follow-up that it's hardly a netbook killer, a complete departure from the imaginative and Think Different nature of Apple itself and finally, not worth the purchase.

This post aims to provide some balance.

Here are 8 reason why I think you should buy the Apple iPad:

1. The Apple iPad is definitely an e-Book Reader killer

Most e-Book readers with black-and-white screens out in the market today run for $350 - $400 brand new and reading e-Books is the only thing you can do with them.

Apple iPad, which costs only $499, will let you read e-Books, surf the web, play videos, share photos and play games & apps on its 9" LED backlit multi-touch brilliantly-colored capacitive touchscreen display.

2. The 'Bigger iPod Touch = iPad' comparison is NOT fair

"Why buy an iPad when its just a bigger version of the iPod Touch?" is akin to saying, "Don't buy a laptop because it's just a bigger version of a netbook."

The iPad has a more powerful processor than the iPod Touch, has bigger screen and has a better on-screen keyboard. Simply put, the iPad is better than iPod Touch in all relevant areas.

3. iPad is an Instant-On Device

The iPad turns on instantly -- Perfect for when you just want to surf the net, watch videos or read emails and don't need a heavy computer OS running in the background.

4. iPad is Perfect for Presentations

iPad runs iWork, which lets you create your presentation in Keynote and use tools to create dazzling effects to put in the slideshow. Sure, other Apple products run iWork but iPad's large multi-touch screen perfectly complements the program. Connect the iPad to a projector via optional dongles and use your fingers to manipulate the screen -- I'm sure your clients will be pleased.

5. iPad, like other Apple products, will inspire you to be a better person

According to a BrandJunkie survey conducted by BrandChannel in 2008, Apple is the most inspiring brand in the world.

Quoting BrandChannel:

It is no secret that different people are inspired by different things; yet, for most, being inspired means—more or less—the same thing: becoming motivated to be a better person, whether that be on a personal, professional, or spiritual level.

Among all brands included in the survey, Apple landed on the top spot as Most Inspiring -- followed by Nike, Coca-Cola, Google and Starbucks, respectively. Here's what some of the respondents had to say about the Apple brand:

It's one of the few brands that are managed so well—its approach to design, its ease of use, its selective communications strategy and innovation—that every touch point and product accurately represents what it should represent. It creates desire and mystery.

It has created a revolution within the market and has become more of an addiction for many consumers. They deliver great quality to the consumer and are constantly creating innovative products.

6. We don't even need a survey for this: Carrying an Apple iPad will make you look cool.

Let's face it. Whether other companies accept it or not, Apple is probably the coolest gadget brand in the world today. You own a Mac, you're cool. You own an Apple tablet - the company's newest landmark product - you're wayyy cool.

If you had $499 to spend on a gadget (which is not enough anyway to buy a really powerful computer), why not spend it on something that's useful enough and will, as bonus, make you look cooler?

7. It's just $499 - cut it some slack!

Sure, there are other tablet options by other companies - some even running a full computer OS - but can those tablets match Apple iPad's price point? It's just $499 ! That's as cheap as some less interesting netbooks out in the market today.

iPad is actually one of the very few Apple products that has a surprisingly cheap pricetag considering what it can deliver.

8. The Apple iPad, like other Apple products that preceded it, is expected to be Useful, Easy-to-Use and Enjoyable

According to a report publised by Forrester Research in April 2009, Apple enjoys a decisive lead in the firm's Customer Experience Index (or CxPi). With 4,600 respondents, Forrester noted that Apple products lead in terms of usefulness, usability, and enjoyability of those experiences among all electronics companies included in the study.

Here are the results of the study:


There you go. :)

I hope you find this helpful if you're thinking about buying the iPad. There are many bad reviews online that can turn you off on the device, but my take on it is that if you can easily afford it, why not give it a try? You might end up actually being grateful for getting it.

Apple products are known to be the best in their individual categories and I'm sure Apple wouldn't have released the iPad if it wasn't up to par. While it's not powerful enough to replace a laptop, I'm sure the iPad will make a fully-capable and highly-interesting second computer that you'd be proud to bring to the cafe.

I hope TP gets an iPad review unit soon. Apple AP and GreenbulbPR, yes ?!

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  1. Pro-IPad Advertising on Tech Pinas! Way to go on being unbiased. Wouldn't have figured for you guys to be Apple fan boys.

  2. I've always thought this blog is pro-Thinkpad, pro-IBM, pro-Lenovo.


  3. Should have called this article: "Reasons why you should consider burning your money."

  4. I'm sorry but those are really silly reasons for getting an iPad, especialy numbers 6 and 7. And I just had to laugh at #5. Haha! I thought you were trying to be sarcastic here. Color me disappointed with the iPad and TechPinas (because of this article).

  5. ^


    Those reasons maybe cheesy but they are supported by research. Hence, valid.

  6. That had to be the most awful review I've ever read. "It will make you look cooler".... really?! pretty sure that's just an opinion. In fact I know if I see anyone with one of these I won't think their cool, I'll think their stupid for buying a $500+ Itouch (and forget your reason 2, it IS a big itouch considering it runs on a ported version of its OS and has the exact same features)

  7. I have yet to see a projector that supports video via Bluetooth. So #4 becomes invalid.

  8. ^ - Maybe there is a bluetooth projector that you just haven't heard about.


    *Agree with Patrick* - some of the reasons are quite silly.

    #2 to anonymous : Doesn't a netbook also have the same OS and same features as a laptop? While I agree with you that it is indeed a bigger ipod touch, I think the argument there was that most people are simply judging it by association.

    Lets also not forget that the iPad was made to do only certain functions, but of those functions perform them much better than any other platform out there to date. This is Apple's "Think different" nature.

    ...maybe Apple didn't quite kill the market for all other tablet devices, but they certainly didn't do nothing.

  9. Yep, my iPad has made me a better person by almost 14.32% since release!

  10. Arkalon DawnbringerMay 26, 2010 at 7:56 AM

    Good grief. #5 takes the cake for me. A huge extrapolation that is totally devoid of factual basis. How can one truly say that the iPad inspires? Should I follow that same train of logic, buying an Apple USB cord should make me a better person.

    And personally, I find that downplay on the pricetag insensitive. Bang for buck, please.

    And cooler because I own an Apple product? My, oh, my.

    Sorry, my money's waiting on the Android releases.

  11. I really don't see the point of buying one, period. For any reason I'd want one, there's a better (often, cheaper) alternative.

    Plus, agreed with the other posters. #5 to #8 reek of Apple fanboyism.

    Besides, if "looking cool" really matters to you, there's a lot better things to do with your money for $500.


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