HP Laptops and Tablets with Built-in Mini-Projector Coming Soon !!

Great news for those who do lots of corporate PPT presentations and/or those who simply love to watch movies on big projected screen!

DigiTimes recently reported that Hewlett Packard - the world's number 1 PC maker (as of January 2010) - is planning to release notebooks and tablets with integrated mini-projector in the near future.

Although the idea of a mini-projector notebook is not new, successfully bringing products to market has been delayed by design and engineering obstacles mainly related to cooling solutions. In terms of which ODM would be able to develop such a product, market watchers speculated that HP would likely turn to Quanta Computer as one of its potential partners, as the notebook ODM has also invested in a projector manufacturer (Royaltek).

Just how good (or bad) are mini-projectors in - well - projecting screens on walls/panels? Watch this video:

Built-in projector on laptops and tablets will most probably only have this much power - considering limitations in size and energy consumption. I think it's alright; Actually, pretty decent.

Keep tuning in for updates.

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