iPhone Cases : The 25 Coolest and Weirdest Apple iPhone Cases - The Definitive List !

I just wanna share some photos of the coolest and weirdest iPhone cases I've seen on the net.

Let me know what you think about them. Which is the coolest? Which is the weirdest? :)

1. The Game Boy iPhone Case - 3 versions

2. The Nintendo Controller

3. The PlayStation 1

4. The X-Box 360

5. The WalkMan

6. The VHS Tape

7. The Cassette Tape

8. The R2D2

9. The Retro Film Camera

10. The Long Tongue

11. The Leaf - for the Tree Hugger

12. The Power Ranger

13. The Rorschach - the Psych majors

14. The Domo Kun

15. The iPhone on iPhone

16. The Ring-Dial Telephone

17. The Super Mario Brothers' Nemesis - The Piranha Plant

18. The Tire

19. The Swiss Cheese

20. The Chocolate Bar

21. The Bookshelf - for the e-Book lover

22. The iPod on iPhone

23. The Wooden Case

24. The Sunny Side Up

25. The Bacon

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  1. where can i get THE TIRE iphone case? would it fit 3gs?

  2. What shop can i get the "CHOCOLATE BAR"??
    Please reply immediately,i need one badly :)

  3. where can i get The X-Box 360


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