Download Free Samsung Apps for Cellphone - Samsung Star, Omnia, Corby, Pixon Phones

Genevieve R. from Makati City emailed TP this query earlier:
"TechPinas, where can I download free applications and games for my Samsung phone? What are the top free Samsung free apps that I should download? Thanks!"

Hi Genevieve! Thanks for the inquiry!

If you have a Samsung Phone that runs on Windows Mobile OS - that's the Omnia line (flagship), you may download Free Samsung Apps at - free section.

As of January 2010, here are the top 10 Free Samsung Apps:

1. Can You Remember Me ? - a memory game
2. NaviComputer - for GPS mapping
3. Band Drum - drum game
4. Flashlight for Omnia2 - works on Windows Mobile - turns your cellphone into a flashlight
5. Shot Gun - game
6. Adobe Flash Lite 3.1
7. Music Pocket - for composing music and ringtunes
8. LightsOff - turns cellphone screen light off
9. Pedometer Lite - uses phone's accelerometer to count steps and calories burned
10. War Sound - for when you want to hear war sounds like exploding bombs, gunfire etc.

Installation guide:

1. First, download Samsung KIES - Samsung's Apps Widget - via link located on the upper right corner of the page and install it on your PC.

2. If your phone is plugged in to your PC, purchased apps will be saved under [My Downloads] located on the upper left corner of the Samsung Apps widget and automatically installed on the connected phone.

If your phone is not plugged in to your PC, purchased apps will still be saved under [My Downloads]. When you do connect your phone to the computer you will be able to manually install your apps from [My Downloads] at any time.

Now, if you have a Samsung Corby, Samsung Star, Samsung Preston, Samsung Pixon or any other phone that runs on Samsung proprietary operating system, you might want to check out -

The site looks a bit bare but don't let its simple appearance fool you. UMnet offers probably the biggest collection of apps and games that you can download for practically every cellphone model that supports applications.

From Talking Clocks to Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie to GMaps to Flash Games -- name it, UMnet has it.

Visit UMnet and register your free account via this LINK.

Have fun downloading and installing your free apps!

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  1. are all of these compatible with samsung corby (pro) ?

  2. Unfortunately, none of those apps are compatible with any samsung phones without windows mobile OS.

  3. so how do we get that windows mobile os?

  4. cool list of apps.. Thanks for the info.

  5. how do i download this samsung application?


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