Samsung Genio Touch, Genio QWERTY, Genio Pro - Will They Reach the Philippines ?

Racquel A. from Marikina City DM'd TP this message via Twitter earlier:

"TechPinas, will Samsung Genio , Genio QWERTY and Genio Pro reach the Philippines and how much will they cost if and when they arrive here? Thanks!"

Hi Racquel!

FYI: Samsung Genio is but the US and European name of Samsung Corby ! The same goes for Samsung Genio QWERTY, also known as CorbyTXT, and Genio PRO, aka Samsung Corby Pro. All these 3 models (and variants) are out in the Philippines.

Read more about the Samsung Corby Family in the Philippines - Price, Specs, Photos - HERE.

Thanks Racquel!

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  1. i still can't find corbypro. :(
    is it now available in samsung stores?

  2. hi.... will the samsung B7610 reach the philippines? do you have any idea when and how much will it be? thanks


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