Google Nexus Two Phone = Motorola Shadow ?! Photos Leaked !!

HTC-made Google Nexus One has just been released this month -- but photos of the supposed Nexus Two phone, the next iteration to the device, are already surfacing online!

Here's Motorola Shadow - the rumored Google Nexus 2 smartphone (photo courtesy of Alfred):

Motorola Shadow looks a lot like Motorola Droid (aka Motorola Milestone) with the touchscreen and full slide-out QWERTY keypad. Unlike Droid though, it has a protruding lanyard loop on the side, comes in white (maybe, also in other colors) and looks a tad thinner.

I like how Google decided to give Nexus line some form variety, which, in effect, gives consumers more options when buying their Google phone: Nexus One for those who just want the touchscreen, Nexus Two for those who can't let go of the keypad - that is, if Shadow is really Nexus 2.

We don't know much about Shadow's innards and user interface just yet - save that it runs on Google Android OS (which version exactly? we don't know).

Keep tuning in for more details.

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