Spotted! : Derek Ramsay and Angelika Panganiban with Blackberry Bold 9000 ! The Blackberry Couple ?!

You know that a relationship is doing well when the couple didn't just bother to stay constantly connected via technology but also went as far as sharing the same brand and model of cellphone.

Case in point: The Dashing Derek Ramsay and The Very Beautiful Angelika Panganiban with their Blackberry Bold 9000 -

It's not too hard to spot the phones' details from this distance - the rounded metal edges, the size, the Blackberry silicon case. I believe those are definitely Blackberry Bold 9000's.

Interestingly, Miss Kris Aquino - whom Angel impersonates in Banana Split's NNNN portion - also owns a Blackberry Bold 9000 -- in fact, not just one, but two.

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  1. her dress looks like a curtain in a funeral home! Horrendous!


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