Naruto 478 Manga Still Not Out ! Spoilers and Predictions Abound !! Enraged Naruto Shippuuden Fans Flock to Twitter After Waiting Two Weeks for Nothing !!

Naruto Shippuuden Manga 478 is OUT NOW!!
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The final sequence of Naruto Manga Chapter 477 left every reader open-mouthed at the edge of their seats ...

Supposedly deceased Uchiha Itachi shows up beside Danzo after Uchicha Sasuke used both All-Consuming Black Flame, Amaterasu, and Ultimate Defense, Sousano, in battle. Credit: Kishimoto

The problem is - Naruto 477 was released way back December 25, 2009 - yep, last Christmas - and fans have been waiting since then to read the follow-up. Understandably so, readers from across the globe are getting pissed off, flocking to Twitter to air their sentiments:

Meanwhile, the more creative ones have started writing their 478 spoilers and predictions. This prediction by 'N.V.O.', I find rather cool:

(Battlefield scene)
-Itachi stares angrily-
Itachi: You went out of line, you were going to hurt Sasuke.
Sasuke: I-Itachi...?!...(How...) Brother!
Itachi: -Turns facing Sasuke- (..! Did, he know the truth?) -Stares at Madara-...(I bet it was him.)

Madara: ...(Itachi...what's happening?)
Karin: T-That guy looks like Sasuke! Is he, Itachi Uchiha?! but I thought he's dead!
Itachi: Sasuke, you followed the wrong path, all I wanted was for you to be the hero of Konoha, the one that avenges the Uchiha clan, and to end my life, a criminal, the murderer of the Uchiha clan. But it turned out to be I was wrong, none of what I wanted happened.
Sasuke: ...Brother! but I just wanted to avenge you! And by doing that I'll be also aven--
Itachi: Do you hear yourself Sasuke?
Sasuke: ...!
Itachi: You're acting like a child, listen to me, by that, you're being a criminal, a Rogue Ninja, and you're the only Uchiha clan alive, Madara not counted, and when you're dead, then that's that.
Sasuke: But--
Itachi: Then will you call it revenge? It's still not too late.
Danzo: Do not make me laugh. It is far too late for him to turn back! He's a wanted criminal for his doings! He will be---
-Itachi slashed Danzo's chest and cutting off his Sharingan arm by a Kunai-
Itachi: Aren't you a fine one to talk...
Sasuke: Itachi...

Danzo: Gah! -spits blood-...Tell me, how have you appeared?!
Itachi: It's simple. When I implanted my Mangekyo powers into Sasuke, I also transferred myself into him, it's like, a Reanimation Jutsu, my former body is just a mere shell of me now, this forbidden Jutsu is similiar to Orochimaru's substitution Jutsu, but, if Sasuke was going to follow the right path, I would've disappeared forever, but I knew something wrong was gonna happen, so I stayed and came out in the right time. Though this Jutsu shortens the life-span.
Danzo: ...! No way, I still do not get it! You should be dead! The--
Itachi: Die already. -Appears above him, Danzo slides back to dodge, but that Itachi disappears, as many crows forms behind Danzo, Itachi appears with a Kunai, Danzo then grabs Itachi's arm, then Itachi grabs him back-

Itachi: It's over for you.
Danzo: -Turns around- What?! (He can perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu so fast that I can't even see the hand signs!)
Itachi: I fooled you. -Jumps back as the Shadow clone that's grabbing Danzo explodes-
Danzo: ?! -Exploded and falls unconscious-
Itachi: Madara...
Madara: If it isn't my dear old friend, Itachi.
Sasuke: ...!

(Team-Sakura scene)
Sakura: I can see them!
Kiba: Let's go!
Rock Lee & Sai: Right!

(Kakashi & Sai scene)
Kakashi: So?
Sai: We're gonna reach Sakura and the others soon.
Kakashi: Right.
Sai: But the problem is, they are gonna reach Sasuke sooner.
Kakashi: What?! Let's move faster. -Focuses his chakra on his feet, as he rushes 3 times as fast-
Sai: ...?! He' fast...

(Mizukage scene)
Mizukage: Are you sure?!
Ao: 100% Sure.
Mizukage: Then let's move!
-They rush towards Sasuke and the others-

(Battlefield scene)
Itachi: There's something I must do. Sasuke stay back.
Sasuke: ?!
Madara: Hm...(That ruins my plans I guess, oh well.)
What will happen next?! Itachi vs Madara?! Will the others arrive on time?!

Naruto 479: Arrival!

478, when will we finally get you?

UPDATE from NarutoTown Facebook account: Naruto Chapter 478 won't be out until January 13, 2010

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